Park Cities Counseling

About Elizabeth Scrivner, M.A., LPC

Specialties: Sexual Abuse, Addiction, Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Boundaries, Teen Issues, Women’s Issues, Couples Therapy

After 5 years with Prestonwood Counseling Center, Elizabeth Scrivner, started Scrivner Counseling located in Preston Center, in 2003. In 2014, she kept the same counseling practices offering individual, family and group therapy, but changed the practice name to Park Cities Counseling. As a child, Elizabeth was a competitive gymnast practicing 4-5 hours a day in hopes of getting a scholarship at The University of Oklahoma until she broke her back. Her direction changed dramatically her last year in high school in Oklahoma to enjoy cheerleading, drama, track, golf, and student counsel. At the University of Oklahoma she studied journalism, musical theater and education until she moved to East Central University to receive her bachelor’s degree in elementary education. 

Elizabeth began teaching second grade in Hurst, Euless, Bedford for one year before she changed to the Highland Park Independent School District. In HPISD, she taught first grade and was the first grade team leader.

While teaching at Bradfield Elementary, Elizabeth began taking classes at Dallas Baptist University in 1997. After years of studying psychology on her own, she knew immediately this was her path to take. Elizabeth received her Master’s in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University. This program offered the psychological theory and the Biblical perspective that forms the basis of her practice.

Elizabeth Scrivner

Experiences in Elizabeth’s own life structure the direction that she offers to each client. Raising three children in the Highland Park Independent School District helps her to understand the requirements of the parents and children. Counseling teens from most of the private schools is an exciting way for her to help mold some of the best leaders, parents, and workers of our future. Teens are our future. They have technology and resources that adults could never have dreamed of having, I believe we have to keep up psychologically and emotionally as we advance very quickly in intellectual areas. Teens need special guidance to build these skills along the way.

After divorcing in 2009, Elizabeth has studied the Texas Family Court System, psychological evaluations, social studies, parenting facilitation, and counseling support services. As one of the leading experts in this area, Elizabeth provides information and support for families going through divorce or divorce care. This is a transitional time that has unique challenges for all involved.

Studying sociopaths has been a passion for her during her counseling years. Support is essential for the individual who has contact  with a sociopath.

PTSD, trauma and abuse require an expertise and understanding of how to identify, assess and build a healing process. Many times PTSD, trauma and abuse are overlooked or misdiagnosed because they are misunderstood. Elizabeth offers groups, and individual therapy to help in the healing process.

Both counseling in person, via Facetime, and  phone sessions are offered to help you grow in a positive direction, to create the life you desire and to get the outcomes you are seeking. Sessions are offered in a private, comfortable environment to help encourage each individual to discuss promoting peace of mind, and well-being.