Park Cities Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions & Forms

 Client Intake Information  •  Client Informed Consent

This involves keeping private the information shared by you with Park Cities Counseling. Written, telephone, or personal inquiries about a client from other people than the client will not be acknowledged, unless a Release of Information is signed by the client. In case of a minor, a parent or legal guardian must sign the release. According to Texas law, there are two exceptions to the right of confidentiality, which include: when there is a reasonable concern that harm may come to you or others (suicide, homicide, or child abuse) or when a court of law subpoenas information.

Realistic Expectations of Counseling:
Counseling by itself may not result in your problem or concern being resolved. Working toward such resolution may require change that is initially discomforting and even painful. Necessary discussion of pertinent issues may, on occasion, be difficult. At the same time, counseling may prove to be the very help you need as you work toward the resolution you desire.

Qualifications of the Counselor:
You have the right to ask Elizabeth about her background and qualifications for counseling — education, degrees earned, experience, licensure, spirituality, etc.

Canceling Appointments:
Clients are responsible for cancelling appointments 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the full session.

Length and Satisfaction with Counseling:
Each session is 45 minutes.

Diagnostic Assessments:
By the second session, Elizabeth will make a diagnostic assessment of your presenting problem as is required by insurance companies that pay for psychotherapy sessions. The diagnosis, which will be represented by a numerical designation, will refer to a specific section or sections of a standard professional diagnostic manual. You have the right to have her explain this assessment to you.

Fees and Insurance:
The session fee you agree to pay is to be paid at the conclusion of each session. Park Cities Counseling does not file insurance, but will provide receipts with the proper information for you to file it for yourself. Phone calls will be charged the same as an in person meeting.